Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TIPA Project: Chekhov was funny!

I gladly stole an extra hour from my workday last Friday to attend the fall reading by Toward International Peace through the Arts, aka The TIPA Project.   The theme was celebration of the 150th anniversary of Anton Chekhov's birthday.   The hour and half was spent laughing at some very funny stories.  I had no idea that Chekhov wrote short stories, or was even funny.  Thank goodness.  Usually TIPA is a time for me to spend in a quiet space, reflecting on soulful words - but it turned out on this particular Friday, laughter was exactly what I needed.   As for the readers - Conrad Rothbaum, Tammy Grimes, Bess Rous, Marian Seldes, Betsy von Furstenberg,

Stan Tannen, Ronald Rand and Fritz Weaver - as usual, I could listen to them read even the phone book all day long. 

The next reading - dedicated to Mark Twain - is tentatively set for December 10th at Saint Peter's Church.

John Major for The TIPA Project

“The Student” read by Conrad Rothbaum

“The Confession” read by Tammy Grimes

“A Woman without Prejudices” read by Bess Rous

“A Work of Art” read by Marian Seldes

“He Quarrelled with His Wife” read by Betsy von Furstenberg

“Vanka” read by Stan Tannen

“An Incident at Law” read by Ronald Rand

“The Diplomat” read by Fritz Weaver

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