Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cool things happen in New York City

I was enjoying the fog and people watching while waiting for Kari, Sally and Noah to arrive for Wozzeck at the Metropolitan Opera when a young lady came out from Met with a fist full of tickets for this evening's opera.   I took her up on four free upgrades for - check it out - Parterre Box 14!  These tickets go for around $300 bucks each.  Apparently, the house was not sold out so they  were seat filling for free.  I knew my friends wouldn't object since Noah had a standing room ticket and the girls and I had family circle.   Even Lois was upgraded!  She probably thought she'd died and gone to heaven when she was able to get out of the score desk section.

Berg's Wozzeck was dark, scary, macabre, and very sad.     I didn't love it like I loved Berg's Lulu last season, but am glad I went.  The performers, particularly Waltraud Meier and Alan Held were fierce.  The Met Orchestra with Maestro Levine at the podium was unreal in it's power and sheer beauty, even in the macabre there were some gorgeous melodic moments.  

Afterward, Sally, Kari and I were walking to Columbus Circle when two familiar smiling faces popped in front of me.   It was my friends Glenda and Steve who are visiting from Australia.  I met them last year after Armida and they came again this year for Cappricio.    Serendipity!  And proof that it is a small world. 

Cool things happen in New York City.

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