Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Capables at The Gym at Judson

On Saturday night, I was fortunate to see Dale Soules  in the closing performance of The Capables.  Dale played Anna Capable, a woman who has been hoarding - or collecting as she calls it - for fifteen years.  It's a look at the problem of hoarding thru the eyes of a reality tv crew.   It's a humorous but heart-breaking story of the consequence of her problem and an attempt to uncover the root of her problem.    Jay Stull's script has some magical moments.  
Dale made it easy for us to care about her character.  I never felt like laughing at her, even when the tv crew was clearly mocking.   She subtly infused empathy, humor and pain.   Dale was supported by a great cast: Jessie Barr, Dana Berger, Charles Browning, Katie Eisenberg, David J. Goldberg, Hugh Sinclair, Micah Stock and Max Woertendyke.   Practically co-starring was the amazing set created by George Hoffmann and Greg Kozatek - absolutely brimming with beanie babies, happy meal containers, games, various stuffed animals and treasure and precarious piles of junk.

HOARD WARS Ep. 10: The Capables (SNEAK PEEK) from Greg Kozatek on Vimeo.

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